Be Your Own Self, Be Unique

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The words “Be Unique” mean different things to many people. For Payton and I, it is the basis of our journey, and what I want to share with you today. When we started to contemplate opening up our boutique, there so many things to consider in order to be successful and to stand out amongst all the other online boutiques out there today. Well, just that in itself was quite difficult, but we knew we wanted it to represent us. The one thing I will always remember before we started is Payton telling me, “My style isn’t like everyone else, so I don’t think anyone would buy what I pick out.” My response to her was... “Oh, honey, your style beautiful because it fits YOU. You don’t  have to have the same taste as everyone else. Your taste doesn’t have to match mine (as you can see in the picture, we couldn’t be more opposite). We are creating a site where women and girls can shop regardless of their style. We are not one representation, we are the representation of those who want to be theirselves. Those who want to shop where they don’t feel like they have to fit a specific mold that society has placed on us. Being unique is good, it’s healthy, and it’s holding your head high, not caring if you are like the person sitting next to you, because you are not. This is what inspires our collections. Items of various tastes that can be put together to create one unique self.

Next, on our journey.... What do we name it? It may seem like an odd name to some of you, and you may not even know for sure how to pronounce it,  but to us, it has heartfelt meaning.  First, we wanted to pay tribute to my mother and her grandmother, who was taken from us way too soon. She was the most genuine person I have ever known and she loved with her whole heart. She wanted all of my dreams to come true and she did everything in her power to encourage me to follow them throughout my life. Her name was Janice, which also happens to be Payton’s middle name. Second, Payton has loved France and has had the want to learn French for as long as I can remember and she is now taking it as her 2nd language in school. So, we did a little digging with different French words and their meanings, and came up with Belle Âme, which means Beautiful Soul. Being that we couldn’t think of a more beautiful soul than my mother, Janice, and Belle Âme Janice Boutique was born. Pronounced (Bella) (Uh me) (Jan-ee-s).
Now that we had the basis of our business, the reason for our journey, we dove in and haven’t looked back since. We know that it isn’t for everyone, even though we would love it to be, but that’s what makes us all unique. That is what builds the character of our business and ourselves. Belle Âme Janice Boutique will continue to change, just like all of us. But we hope we will alway live up to the unique standards that created our brand and made it special. ❤️

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